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The first in Ukraine and Russia Request Form 

Request Form:

(will be sent to us in protected mode).

Important note:
Please, try not to use any jargon (slang),
that may lead to misunderstanding.
Short, laconic, logical style is welcomed.


Your personal information and the matter of your inquiry:

1. *Your full name:

2. *Your E-mail:

Due to safety reasons we do not reccomend you to use an E-mail from your work (company) place. It's better to use a free mail box and your home/Internet cafe computer instead.

3. *Country, city, address:

4.1. *Phone stationary:

4.2. *Phone cell:

4.3. *Alternative E-mail:

Please, indicate your alternative non-corporative E-mail here in order to we had an opportunity to contact your if your main E-mail is non-reachable.

4.4. Your age
(we don't serve persons who are under 18):

4.5. You are:
(Mr, Mrs, Ms):

4.6. Your occupation and position (desirably):

4.7. Are you a disable, (non-compos mentis) person ? Have you any mental disorders (psychic disease), alcoholic/drug dependence (yes/no):

4.8. Do you have any recommendations, references from other our clients ? (who from):

5. Type of service:

6. Shortly describe general situation you are involved in (compact essence of your inquiry, 1-2 sentences, the limit is 100 letters):
For example: I would like to check a lady I corresponds with or a company we deal with.


7. The city or area of your case. For example: Moscow. 


8. I want to have got such main obligatory items (describe the exact items, but not more than 10). Please, use phrases (not simply enumerate like "1,2,3,4...").
For example:
1. To find out if the girl is a real person.
2. To confirm the lady's address.
3. To check if her real appearance conforms to her description.
4. To check if the company exists, address, turnover, partners.
5. To find out the phone owner's address and name.
6. To publish my commercial advertisement in the specialized editions.
7. To translate the documents from Russian into Russian and to check their authenticity.
8. To find out if the Russian legislation permits to register our marriage in Russia?

It would be desirably to know such additional (secondary) items (enumerate the exact items, but not more than 10).
Please, notice: the more items - the more total cost.
For example:
1. To take her recent photos, if possible.
2. To find her daughter's name, if possible.

The exact necessary data for investigation. 
Information about the object of investigation:

 9. Full name of the object of investigation (person, company, process or other).


10. Age/DOB:

11. Address (country, region,city/ town, street, build, flat):
12. E-mails (necessarily), Phones (necessarily), ICQ, Links to profile:
*the person's all e-mail addresses which he/she used during the correspondence.
*the person's home and work telephones;
- phone of the establishment, where perhaps the person studies;
- the person's cell phone;
- the other phone numbers you called
- ICQ, links to profiles.

13. Education: (college, university, etc., name and address of the establishment the person has graduated)

14. Employment:
the person's work address, company name, post (office);
- name, address of the establishment, where perhaps the person studies.

15. Martial Status:

16. Children:
17. Relatives and friends: 
- her(his) parents', friends' or other relatives' addresses and phones, if they differ from the person's own home address;
- who lives in the person's flat in addition? The descriptions of those people (if applicable);
- perhaps you know the address and the name of her(his) former husband(wife) or boyfriend (girlfriend)?
18. Height, weight, color of hair, etc.:
19. Photos and Documents:
Photo #1:
Photo #2:
Photo #3:
Document (text or graphic) #1:
Document (text or graphic) #2:
Document (text or graphic) #3:
Warning! The total size of all documents and photos must not exceed 1 Mb (1024Kb)
20. Important additional details for the investigation (please, answer all the questions below, if applicable):
1. what is the person's citizenship? For example, Russia, Ukraine, etc;
2. have you ever seen any of the person's documents?
3. when approximately the person's photos were taken (if you have got these photo) ?
4. have you ever investigated the person before and when it was? Please, answer this question seriously, because our further strategy depends on it very much.
5. do you have any financial relations, joint property with the object ? Have you ever lent, given to or borrow from the object any money or things ? (Our further strategy depends on it).
6. does the person drive a car?
7. does the person speak English?
8. how long have you already known the object ?
9 how have you become acquainted with the person first time? For example, through friends or indicate the name and address of the dating agency, etc;
10. have you ever met the person personally? Addresses and approximate date of your meetings;
11. have you ever visited personally the person's home address ?
12. have you ever called the person's home phone personally ?
13. what were the other phone numbers where you called ?
14. when last time have you heard about the person (if applicable)?
15. it's strongly desirably to have got the person's full first and last messages/letters to you (if applicable). You can attach them above.
16. if your relationships with the object have been enough serious by now, or they are developing at the moment ?
17. do you value your relationships with the object ? Does the object know that ? Is this good relation, bad or neutral ?
18. does the object value your relationships from her/his side ? Is this good relationships, bad or neutral ?
19. duration of our work (for the services like surveillance, etc.);
20. when would you like to start (if applicable)?
21. where did you hear about us?
22. other useful information about the object and the case in a free formulating.

Please, use only short answers (the total limit is 2000 letters). For example: 1. She has citizenship of Ukraine. 2. I have known her for 3 years. 3. She has a dog Dana. 4.... 

21. Prehistory of your case (the preceding events before your problem). Don't write the matter of your present problem here. Only the past info. Please, up to 10 sentences. The limit is 800 letters. 
For example: I was looking for a woman through the Internet site www.*****.com two months ago. I had never attempted this way before. I have written to 2 women. One of them answered me at once. Then...


22. Describe the matter of your affair in a free form (full statement of the present situation). Please, up to 20 sentences. The limit is 1000 letters.

Example 1: About 1 month ago our correspondence with Svetlana has become rather close. I have serious intentions for our possible marriage, but have had some doubts about the relationships. When I wrote her last times, she ... 

Example 2: Here is the text of my document to be translated/advertised/verified...


23. Particularities. 
For example: 
1. Keeping of secrecy is not very important in this case, the object is allowed to know about it. Or on the contrary: all this investigation has to be absolutely confidential and security-guarded from the object. Note: we do not recommend you to inform the object about the investigation. It may influence impossibility to continue any further work.
2. She is going to depart in 5 days, so the time is important...


24. The dead-line of your case, or the desirable date to start the investigation. Please, offer the real terms, that we had enough time to serve your case properly.


The sector for your opinion about our work.
We will appreciate your honest direct answers or advices, that could improve our work.

Was it dfficult for you to fill in this form?
("1"- very easy, "10"- very hard).
3 main items which you liked in our work, in our site, in this form
(for example: good design, prices, good language, clear form, etc).
3 main items which you disliked in our work, in our site, in this form
(for example: some omission in the design, prices, language, too long form, etc).
Whence have you learned about our company?
For example: The advice from my friend.


*Type of request:  

I accept the User Agreement, Terms and Conditions (particularly the item#8).
      I am a capable person of the full legal age.
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